Requirements to qualify

1. Show proof of residency in Montgomery County

Example: Maryland State Driver’s License or Identification If the client does not have a Maryland Driver’s License or " Maryland Identification, a photo identification and proof of Montgomery County residency is required.Example: Maryland Driver’s License or ID is preferred, but, a passport with a phone bill or letter from a government agency, etc. is acceptable.

2. Qualify Under one of the following categories:

» Medicaid

» Medicare

» Independence Card


» Letter stating client is in the Maryland Energy AssistanceProgram or HOC

» Letter from a Social or Health Worker

» Letter from Clergy on their letterhead giving you name, address, and telephone number.

» Pay

» stub

» Income Tax  form last year showing income


Clients may shop only every other month. The Clothes Closet and Baby Closets are open Tuesday andFriday from 9-11 a.m.